Written by Josh Dodes
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Thanks to IDX broker reciprocity and VOW, leveraging MLS to the benefit of yourself and your clients has never been easier. Long gone are the days when brokers and agents had to scrounge for every promising lead they could offer to their prospects. Today, if you know where to turn, you can easily establish an online presence that takes full advantage of the latest listing technology.

Thanks to a handful of top web development firms, you can establish an effective and revenue-generating online presence right away. Using templates of varying levels of sophistication, these companies make it easy for you to get up and running. And once you have an attractive site that offers literally thousands of listings with minimal effort, it is a very small step to becoming recognized as the preeminent realtor in your community.

MLS and Much More

Home shoppers want more than the best listings your local MLS can provide, however. They want clear, attractive photos, automatic email alerts when new properties come on the market, and more. Fortunately, the best real estate web design firms make it their business to think like consumers and provide you with all the tools necessary to satisfy them.

In an increasingly web-based real estate world, it is imperative that you cut through the clutter. With the variety of services that the top designers now offer at such an affordable rate, there's no reason to settle for anything less than an arresting, effective package. As every savvy realtor knows, great real estate websites can quickly pay for themselves several times over.

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