Mysql Hosting

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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Just as there are human languages, there are computer languages. Computer languages are also called programming languages. Computer languages are the codes programmers use to tell a computer, or a software program, what to do.

MySQL is a computer language. It is a "type" of SQL, which means Structured Query Language. SQL is the most popular computer programming language there is for creating and modifying computer databases. Saying "MySQL is a type of SQL" is akin to saying that "American" is a type (dialect) of English, or that the Sicilian dialect is a type of Italian. In all these cases, there are many words and structures which are common between the two, but each contains words and expressions which are completely unique from the other.

Specifically, MySQL is a popular, open source programming language used for the creation of website databases. It can be adopted for use with Unix systems, as well as Mac and Windows systems. the "My" of MySQL is the multi-user aspect of this programming language. Being a multi-user database program, databases created with MySQL can be accessed by different people in different places, all at the same time. This makes MySQL perfect for online shop and store needs, where multiple customers may be accessing a single store's database at any given time.

MySQL and OsCommerce

osCommerce is fully compatible for use with MySQL hosting. MySQL hosting provides a powerful database engine that claims a guaranteed 99.9 percent up-time (implying one's website would be "down" no more than .01 percent of the time). Depending on the size of one's venture, MySQL hosting for osCommerce sites can range in price from under $20 a month to over $100.

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