Online Visibility

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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To improve their online visibility, companies often hire small business marketing firms that specialize in guerilla tactics. Some design ingenious campaigns that are meant to draw users in through mystery or intrigue. Just a few years ago, the extraordinary success of the movie The Blair Witch Project was chalked up to a web marketing strategy that worked gloriously alongside the movie itself.

For businesses that are better capitalized, hiring a major advertising agency to expand online visibility is also an option. This, however, may cost millions of dollars in ad buys, concept development, and other expenses. If you're a small proprietor, chances are you don't have the assets to go head to head with the Nikes, GMs, and Microsofts of the world, which means a guerilla online marketing campaign may be your wisest move.

Ways of Raising Online Visibility

One of the most effective formulas for increasing online visibility is to attack the search engines. These directories are where users turn to find the most relevant information in an ocean of clutter and distraction. But winning prime real estate on even the smallest of search engines doesn't come easily, even in pay-per-placement models that directly reward clients who shell out big bucks.

To bulk up your online presence through the search engines, you need web site copy that's "tailored" for these sites, many of which rely on keywords and meta tags embedded throughout the pages. The problem is, if you're too ambitious in getting your site placed, the search engines will actually penalize you by dropping you lower in their results listings. This, of course, has the opposite effect of heightened online visibility, which is why it's advisable to hire a marketing company to help you.

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