Online Web Site Builders

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Most web site makers are online. This means you don't have to buy software, and you can build your site solely online. Software is okay, but you need a bit of technical know-how to use it, and you certainly need help if there are problems with the downloading.

"Online" means you are working directly on the web itself. You don't have to use your hard drive to store files, which can take up a lot of space--possibly more than your computer has. Working with online web site builders means you don't have to worry about losing files, or about what happens should computer "crash."

Work Directly On Your Site

You can see that eliminating software also eliminates a possible complication. Downloading software can be tricky. Most of us don't need any extra steps to deal with on computers. Why not work directly on your site with an online web site builder?

A big advantage, especially for a novice computer user, is that working with online web site builders allows you to see realistically what the site will look like on the Internet. You are seeing an actual web site as you build it. With a top web page builder, you avoid complex computer operations, and only deal with the creative aspects of making your own site in minutes.

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