Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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osCommerce is a full featured shopping cart for online businesses. osCommerce has a reputation for being reliable, stable, and easy to use. osCommerce fuels both large and small companies all over the world. It's also free.

Free, Flexible, and Fully Secure

osCommerce is free, because it was created by members of the Open Source community, which believes that software evolves faster when the people that use it have a voice in its development. All users are invited to improve the software. They are able to do this because the source code is freely available. Hobbyists, customisers, users--everyone is invited to the party. As a result, osCommerce evolves and becomes increasingly refined at speeds that closed-source software simply can't match.

As a result, osCommerce has nearly limitless potential in terms of e-business solutions. The basic osCommerce package is fully featured and easily downloadable. If, in its simplest state, osCommerce does not meet all your needs, there are over 1,500 individual modules available to fine tune and individualize its performance.

osCommerce is also fully customizable in terms of its look. Affordable templates are available for those who want to snazz up the look on a budget. If you've got deeper pockets, there are thousands of professional osCommerce designers fully fluent in osCommerce options. Further, osCommerce sites are secure, partner perfectly with a wide range of payment modules, and are built to grow with a business's success. osCommerce, while not the only option on the market in terms of open-source e-commerce solutions, offers compelling benefits to online businesses of all sizes.

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