Oscommerce Configuration Support

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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How one decides to configure, or put together, their osCommerce website is a matter of individual choice. However, as a member of the osCommerce community, though you are an unique entity, you remain part of an enormous online collective. osCommerce is the product of a community which enthusiastically devotes itself to the constant evolution and improvement of the software. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all over the globe, people are available to answer any and every configuration question possible.

osCommerce Support Forums

The source from which you acquired your osCommerce software most likely has a support network. Many of these osCommerce sources offer complete consulting and support services. Though there are typically fees of some kind involved for person-to-person problem solving, the assistance they provide, and the headaches they help subscribers avoid, can be more than worth the money paid. On the other hand, if you prefer your help for free, the main osCommerce site (www.oscommerce.org)offers impressive 100 percent free support, via both clearly written, up-to-the-minute support documents, and a lively, vibrant user forum. To underscore osCommerce's dedication to support, the heading over their collaborative documentation page bears the famous adage, "tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."

Some people, however, find that the written word, held in their hands, is more their style. Many manuals exist in bookstores and such with step-by-step instructions written in language ranging from clear to obtuse. If you're a manual fan, read before you buy. And use caution: osCommerce--like all open source software--evolves at whip-fast speed. Manuals can become obsolete and out of date overnight. Make sure before investing $20 or more in any hard-copy support source that it can actually answer your questions.

With so many resources for osCommerce configuration support available, most everyone can find a medium that matches their learning skills. For the tech-savvy, a message board forum might be "just right," because you can exchange links and code with other users. For those of us who could work with code, if we only knew how, utilizing a clearly written (up-to-date, of course) manual, or material printed off the osCommerce website might work best. And then, there's always the "Help me. Fix it." option, available for a fee by professional osCommerce consultants. Whichever your style, rest assured: regardless of day or time, or your particular position on the globe, help for osCommerce is always never more than a click, a page, or a phone call away.

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