Oscommerce Design

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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A good design influences not only the way the way an online store looks, but also the ease with which customers can find what they're looking for, the attractiveness with which products are presented, and the simplicity with which those products may be purchased. But the first thing that grabs a potential consumer by the lapels and says, "Hey, lookee here!" is a website's aesthetics: colors, graphics, humor, emotion, and "feel." Good design is more than just looks, but looks contribute to first impressions, and first impressions can help or hinder a site's "stickiness," that is, how long a consumer is willing to stay.

Design options for osCommerce
osCommerce software packages are available prepackaged (think one-size-fits-all), or in template form (think: 10 sizes each in 3 colors), or via customized solutions (tailor made, just for you, unlike any other). The prepackaged options have a good, reliable, usable "design" in terms of functionality, and a simple, basic aesthetic. In this most basic form, osCommerce software systems are available for free.

The wide world of templates offers many more options to display a store's style. osCommerce templates are easy to edit, and simple to download. Templates offer different color choices, as well as options for format and layout. osCommerce design firms often have a variety of templates based on business type: pet stores, restaurants, jewelry stores and other fashion retail, etcetera. As with anything else, these templates are organized by quality into "good," "better" and "best," with price tags to match.

Custom solutions can help online store owners define, and present best, their store or product's image. Choice of colors is limitless, as are typefaces and graphics. Of course, custom websites cost considerably more than templates. Though it's important to do research to make sure you're getting your money's worth, typically even the lowest custom solution will have more pizazz than the highest quality template.

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