Oscommerce Projects

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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osCommerce is considered by many to be the best open source e-commerce solution available. It has a reputation for being uniquely bug-resistant, reliable, stable, and easy to use. As a result, businesses across the spectrum utilize osCommerce in their online storefronts. Projects large and small, retail-oriented and content driven, all benefit from using osCommerce.

osCommerce owes much of its popularity with website publishers to its adaptability. osCommerce may be downloaded and directly integrated into an existing website, or, osCommerce can be the base around which an entire site is built. osCommerce, in its simplest, most basic form, is fully featured and easy to use. Yet it remains fully customizable, head to toe, front to back, to even more perfectly match one's specific needs.

The osCommerce Project

The major reason behind osCommerce's success however, is the community which stands behind it. osCommerce itself is a project. Its project philosophy is that hobbyists, customisers, and those with commercial interests, can all work together towards a common goal: that the resulting software is the best the market has to offer. Every single user is invited to contribute to the forum. Every programmer invited to solve problems. As a result, osCommerce is hyper-adaptable.

The osCommerce project exists because of volunteered time, effort, money, and of course, code. The osCommerce home website features upwards of 2,500 code contributions on any given day. All these codes are designed to enhance users' osCommerce experience--and they're all available for free. In the event that a user needs technical help, or wants to share osCommerce stories, there are 53,000 members of the osCommerce support community, with about 400 actively online at any given time of day. In other words, the court of the King of open-source software is always in session.

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