Oscommerce Skins

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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"Skins" are templates which affect the "look" and "feel" of a website. Skins are similar to "themes" used to customize desktop appearance. Skins do not affect functionality of a website. They just dress it up a little. New colors, new fonts, new "button" designs, perhaps different graphic effects. It's still your site, just the way you built it, only now it's wearing a leopard print "skin", or a clown "skin", or a "colors of an english meadow "skin", et al.

Like a Fresh Coat of Paint for Your Store

Skins are much more affordable than custom store-front design. Skins are typically available under $100. They are immediately download-able, and can update your store-front's look in a nanosecond.

A single skin can be purchased, and can be applied to multiple pages throughout the site. Users only pay for a skin once, but they may use it as many times, in as many places, as they please. Of course, multiple skins may also be purchased, each used in a different place in one's site.

The obvious drawback to skins is that of buying dresses off the rack at Bargains R Us. There's always the chance you're going to run into someone at a party wearing the same outfit as you. Nonetheless, skins are affordable ways to bring pizazz and flair to an otherwise blah storefront design.

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