Oscommerce Tutorials

Written by Stephanie Ayars
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osCommerce, like any computer software program, requires that its users be educated in how to use it. One doesn't wake up knowing how to use a complicated software program any more than one wakes up on their 16th birthday knowing how to drive a car if they've never been behind the wheel. osCommerce shop and store owners have to be educated in the ins-and-outs of the program in order to get the most out of it.

Turning Home-Offices into Virtual Classrooms

osCommerce, through use of their tutorials, turns every home office and laptop into a virtual classroom. These tutorials run via "wizard" programs, which means that they move page by page through every aspect of the program. They provide step-by-step instruction to a host of osCommerce features.

osCommerce tutorials have three things going for them. One, they are visually very easy to follow, via animated examples that clearly show "where" and "how" data is organized. Secondly, the text is clearly and cogently written, with a minimum of hard-to-follow language. Three, osCommerce tutorials are free. One can review them over and over again, any time of day, and never incur any cost.

In the event that a tutorial doesn't cover an aspect of osCommerce clearly enough for shop and store owners, there are literally hundreds of discussion and message boards specific to the osCommerce community where users may find, for free, real help, and informed answers to specific questions. And, in the event that one is just techno-challenged in the extreme, most osCommerce hosting companies offer technical support packages, which, though certainly aren't free, are very effective when one can't find answers anywhere else.

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