Pop Up Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Pop up menus are nifty navigational tools that allow users to quickly locate information or to effortlessly perform repetitive functions within a web-based application. The menus are generally displayed when the user right-clicks their mouse button on a particular object within the application. The user can then use the left mouse button to select an option from the menu that appears.

Pop up menus allow users to simply select from a list of choices without having to move their mouse up to the menu bar. It is clear to see that the primary purpose of inserting pop up menus into an application is to make it easier for people to use. However, the building of pop up menus is not necessarily a straightforward process.

Steps for Creating Pop Up Menus

In fact, the designing and constructing processes of pop up menus actually consist of several steps. The first step is to create the image or control for the pop up menu. Typically some sort of window or dialog box is selected.

The next step is to write the appropriate code, most likely in HTML, to tie the pop up menu to your application. Then the actual coding to perform the functionality of the items listed on the menu has to be done. This is most often done in JavaScript.

Finally, when applicable, there is the process of inserting the links to additional web pages. Quite a lot of effort for creating something that is intended to simplify the user's life. Fortunately for both users and developers there are several software products that they can purchase, which will virtually create the pop up menus for them.

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