Rapid Application Development

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a system that allows programmers to quickly develop computer and software applications. In general, the RAD systems consist of a series of tools that provide developers the ability to build the graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI is the screen that the user enters data in and retrieves information from.

The RAD system saves the developer time by efficiently building the GUI without requiring a single line of code to be written. In lieu of typing programming code, the RAD system provides a series of visual tools that the developer can simply click on to build the GUI for their applications. There are several RAD systems on the market for developers to choose from, but Visual Basic and Delphi are two of the better known systems.

RAD systems typically come equipped with several templates that developers can use as the basis for building their applications. In the fast paced climate that most of today's businesses operate in, the obvious advantage to using a RAD system is the ability to deliver a finished product to the client in half the time. Of course this also equates to reduced development time and costs.

Totally RAD Applications

Since there is very little coding involved, the RAD systems are probably better suited for building applications that have a narrow scope, with clearly defined objectives. The systems are commonly used for developing internet applications that deal with real-time transactions. The RAD system also seems to work very well for designing standalone software applications.

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