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Written by Josh Dodes
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Until recently, real estate web design was a simple, bare-bones affair. If they had sites at all, most realtors had an HTML page or two with a stock picture of a house and their contact information. While these types of sites may have sufficed in yesterday's real estate market, they provide nowhere near what today's customer needs and expects.

Every year, more house-hunters begin their search online, from the comfort of their current home. They have become justifiably confident that they can find up-to-the-minute local listings somewhere online, and are rarely willing to settle for less. In fact, the average customer will give a real estate site ten seconds or less before making a decision to delve further or move on.

The Promise of the Internet

In today's increasingly Internet-intensive environment, truly effective websites employ an array of new marketing tools to attract and convert customers. Most prominent among these new tools is IDX (Internet Data Exchange), which allows brokers and agents to list hundreds or even thousands of up-to-date MLS listings on their own site, under their own name. A website that prominently features these listings, complete with beautiful photographs and even virtual tours, is a site that can convince customers to stay.

Of course, IDX is only the beginning of what a great site can do for a realtor. From instant email notifications to state-of-the-art contact management, and beyond, effective sites allow a realtor to function more efficiently and productively than ever before. Better still, by reducing the time devoted to administrative and logistical details, these sites allow realtors to spend more time and effort on the personal connections that all top producers depend upon.

The Efficiency of Templates

If all of this sounds like an expensive proposition, that is because until very recently, it would have been. Fortunately, however, the top real estate web design companies have recently introduced a new approach that is both more efficient and more powerful. Recognizing that realtors and agents have vastly different budgets for online marketing, the top real estate web design firms have moved towards a far more flexible, template-based approach.

By building realtor sites from the ground up, based on a wide range of attractive templates that can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge e-commerce tools, these real estate web design firms no longer have to reinvent the wheel on every site. As a result, even relatively simple real estate sites can leverage the power of essential technology. Equally important, a larger level of efficiency and flexibility means a smaller cost.

Real Estate Web Design for the Future

The future of real estate web design is here today. If you know what to look for, you can make the most of this powerful new approach to website design, without breaking the bank. In fact, as most savvy realtors recognize, a truly effective online presence can end up paying for itself several times over.

Our goal at Realtor Website Spot is to introduce you to a new set of solutions that is transforming the industry. With the right tools in hand, you can swiftly and affordably become the recognized expert in your community. In a fast-paced, increasingly online market where the alternative is falling further and further behind, we think you will find that an easy choice to make.

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