Rent A Website

Written by Linda Alexander
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You cannot really buy a website, you have to rent a website. You can pay to own a site or domain for a limited time, but it's only leased. Eventually your lease will expire. Hosting the site on somebody else's space is also part of renting the site. The other costs involved are registering your domain name and advertising your site to bring visitors to it.

How to Rent a Website

So now that you know you have to rent a website, what are your options? You can hire a web designer to build a site for you. That can cost thousands of dollars, but it will be highly customized according to your specifications, and therefore will be unique. You can build one yourself, but you need to know HTML or own web authoring software to do that.

Then there is another way to rent a website. Some web hosting companies have expanded their services to include domain name registering, hosting, and even site building. They offer tools that customers can use for free, that will help you design and build your site, as well as publish it to the web. Often, they have flat rate packages that include a certain amount of bandwidth, web space, and shopping carts, counters, and search engine submissions.

This is probably the most cost-effective way to rent a website. Since you can't really buy a website, you need to figure out ways to keep costs down. Renting a package like this is a great way to have a professional site with reliable hosting and attractive design, all made easy for you to do it yourself.

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