Toolbar Downloads

Written by Kimberly Clark
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A toolbar is any rectangular bar or dockable window that contains a series of buttons or icons. The items on the toolbar are placed there so they can provide easy access to frequently performed operations. Toolbars are generally set up to continually appear on a website or in an application, so they will always be available to the user.

All the items that appear on the toolbar each represent a different functionality. For instance, when a user clicks on an icon or button located on a toolbar, they will be taken to a certain website. As a matter of fact, most browsers and search engines use toolbars as their primary method for navigating the Internet.

Search Engine Toolbars

There are several toolbar downloads available for users to locate information on the Web. These toolbars allow users to search the Web from any website. Just about every major search engine has a toolbar that people can download to help them find information on the Web, but a few of the more popular examples include:
1. The Google Toolbar
2. The Yahoo Toolbar
3. The AltaVista Toolbar

Quick access to information on the Internet is not the only benefit provided by search engine toolbars. Most of the toolbars also provide pop-up blockers and spyware scanners. Just like any other toolbar, search engine toolbars are designed to make the task of searching the Internet a more pleasant and efficient experience.

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