Toolbar Managers

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Toolbar managers allow users to add or remove buttons from the toolbars contained in Internet applications. For instance, IE Toolbar Manager 1.0 is a free shareware program that can be used to modify the toolbars that the user sees when browsing the Web with Internet Explorer. This product not only allows users to modify the buttons that appear on the Internet Explorer toolbar, it also provides the user with the ability to change the size of the toolbar as well as its background colors.

Changing the actual icons that appear on the toolbar is a little more difficult to do. This process first involves locating and downloading the images you want to use as icons and then using a picture-editing program to view and then make modifications to the image. After which, the user can use a toolbar manager to update their toolbar with the new icons.

However, there are several applications that users can purchase that will manage the entire process of updating the icons on the toolbar. These products generally include features for downloading, viewing, editing and organizing the images. The products can then be used to push the newly created icons to the toolbars.

Toolbars That Manage

Toolbar managers are not only used to edit the options that appear on the toolbar. In addition, there are those toolbars that you can incorporate into your internet browser to manage all of your downloaded files. There are also toolbars that can be used organize and access all the macros that exist within an application.

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