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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Not many of us are computer programmers. Most of us own a business or have a job that has nothing to do with computers directly. Yet, this is the age of technology, and the world wide web (www) has opened the world to the average computer user. Easy web site builders have now enabled all of us to communicate instantly and creatively on the web.

Think how exciting it would be for your family to have its own web site with its own photo albums! The most recent photos could be posted so relatives across the continent could see them right now! Family newsletters could keep scattered family members in instant, close touch. The best web site creators make this so easy for you to set up and enjoy.

Features and More Features

Lots of people refer to the Internet. Maybe you've thought how great it would be to have a web site for your club or group. Let the world know the good you are doing, the activities you enjoy. A top web page builder lets you easily post photos and change text to update events.

For businesses, a top web page builder should offer pages that are expandable and that can be easily changed, so the information on pricing and products is always up-to-date. A top web page builder might also offer an ecommerce package deal that includes such necessities as shopping cart, catalogs, order tracking, search engine registration, online coupons--and more!

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