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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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osCommerce Trustee Service provides the tools for online businesses to meet Better Business Bureau (US and Canada) and Trusted Shops (UK) standards. Both these entities represent the highest business ethics practiced in the retail industry. In their respective countries, a company's membership with these organizations implies honesty, integrity, and a reputation for excellent customer service.

Symbols of Trust in an Insecure World

Long known in the US as an indicator of a quality business, the BBB has now created an online equivalent. The BBB-online has a specific code of ethics, which can be broken down into five principles. These are 1) Truthful and Accurate Communications; 2) Disclosure; 3) Information Practices and Security (this relates to consumer privacy issues); 4) Customer Satisfaction; and 5) Protecting Children.

Trusted Shops, on the other hand, is Europe's most recognized symbol of online retail customer satisfaction. Trusted Shops actually offers money-back guarantees to customers dissatisfied with their purchase, and assists consumers in the event of a dispute. European online retailers who have joined Trusted Shops have seen their sales spike, and customer numbers increase 10 to 30 percent almost immediately.

Both BBB-online and Trusted Shops have specific, stringent requirements for online retailers. osCommerce Trustee Service consults with online businesses for a fee to make them BBB-Online and Trusted Shops compliant. In order to qualify for BBB compliance, online shops must have a physical presence in the United States or Canada, have been in business for at least one year, and have a satisfactory complaint-handling record with the Better Business Bureau. osCommerce Trustee Service handles all the paperwork, and helps guide online stores through the process of becoming BBB-online and Trusted Shops compliant. Upon certifications, online stores may prominently display the BBB-online and/or Trusted Shops logo on their websites, communicating to consumers that their trust is well placed.

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