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Written by Josh Dodes
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Until quite recently, businesses seeking effective web development usually ended up with one of two quite separate things. Some companies found web design and development firms who could produce a visually arresting site that might not have been easily navigable or particularly business-friendly, but certainly were something to look at. Meanwhile, other companies found firms that could provide them with an array of e-commerce tools to help generate business, even if the focus on specific meta-tags and easily-read copy structures led to sites that were not much to look at.

With limited budgets for creating an effective online presence, it's no wonder that so many businesses felt that they needed to choose between form and function. The possibility of finding firms that could combine to provide both angles on effective design was often prohibitively expensive. Besides, designers and e-commerce experts traditionally spoke such different languages that the marriage of both goals in one web site was often awkward and even counterproductive.

A New Day for Business Web Development

Fortunately, a new day for business web development has finally arrived. Thanks to a handful of savvy web design companies who understand the contradictions inherent in the old design model, it is now possible for any business to have a site that both looks great and employs state-of-the-art e-commerce techniques. What at first may be most surprising about these design companies is that they are highly affordable.

However, if you understand the ways that these companies integrate design and e-commerce elements into a seamless process, the efficiency that allows their products to be so affordable begins to come into clearer focus. With both beauty and business intelligence melded at every stage of design and implementation, the end result is not simply better, it is easier and more inexpensive than a site cobbled together by disparate interests. Here at Web Development Depot, our sole mission is to help you understand the benefits that this new type of design company can affordably provide.

Seeing Your Site Through Different Eyes

The key to this integrated design process is being able to envision and build a web site that appeals to several different sets of eyes. Certainly, the eyes of your customers do, and should, come first. There is no overestimating the importance of a site that is visually pleasing, easily navigable, and in every way user-friendly.

But in addition, a great business web site must now be built with an eye to how search engine spiders "see" it. In an age when more and ore consumers are finding businesses and products through search engines, understanding how to rank well among these web sites can be the difference between a new customer finding you and finding your competitor instead. The search engine optimization process is complicated and constantly evolving, but the best design firms now speak the language of SEO as well and fluently as they speak the language of design.

The Future of Business Web Design Is Here

The next generation of business web development is here, and if you where to find it, you can put it to work for you right away. With a design company that can efficiently handle every step of the process -- from design planning to programming to implementation to search engine submissions to reporting, and beyond -- you can stay focused on your own business. Because the best of these new web sites generate so many new customers and new income, you are going to need to stay focused on your business in order to capitalize on the improvements that a great online presence can provide.

You work hard for your business every day; isn't it time your web site worked just as hard? Now that choices no longer need be made between aesthetic attraction and e-commerce sophistication, the only choice you need to make is whether to stay where you are or move forward into a web-intensive future. We believe with the right information about this new breed of web development firms, you will not find that to be a difficult choice at all.

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