Web Menu Builders

Written by Kimberly Clark
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There was a time when only website designers or programmers with extensive knowledge of HTML, DHTML or JavaScript could effectively create menus for their web-based applications. The main reason for this is because building menus for websites used to involve writing large amounts of code in one of the aforementioned programming languages. Nowadays there are several web menu building software packages on the market that can assist both the professional and the novice designer in effortlessly inserting menus into their websites.

These web menu builders can typically be used to build drop-down menus, pop-up menus, navigation bars and various other sub-menus. In addition, the tools allow the designer to customize the menu to fit the particular style of their website. The products even provide the website designer with the ability to choose the color, size and font of their web menus.

A large number of the web menu building products, even employ a drag and drop method for creating menus. Others require the designer to input descriptive information about the appearance and function of the menu into a dialog box prior to generating it. Many of the products also include a preview feature, which allows the designer to see exactly how the menu will look on the web page before the site goes live.

Saving Your Work

The majority of the software products that generate web menus also allow the designers to save the menus they've created as prototypes. The designer can then use the templates as a starting point when building new menus for their other websites. When selecting a web menu building product, it is important to pick one that works with all operating systems and browser types.

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