Web Site Buttons

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Attractive, eye-catching and clearly labeled website buttons can really be helpful to people searching for information on your website. The buttons can also go a long way in steering people who visit your website to other locations you might want them to see. The buttons can be placed on the main navigation bar or be used as bullets on the main page to highlight links to other sections of the website.

The primary purpose of web site buttons is enticing users to click on them. Thus a lot of consideration should go into the design of the button. Therefore, things like size, shape and color of the button should be well thought out.

Downloading and Creating Buttons

There are a lot of sites on the Internet, that offer buttons to website designers. A large number of these sites allow the designer to copy and paste or download the buttons to their sites for free. However, these sites typically only provide the images for the button.

In order for the buttons to be used for navigation purposes, the image has to be combined with some sort of code, whether it is HTML, DHTML or JavaScript. With that in mind, several third party software companies have developed website button designing software. These products not only create professional looking buttons, they also provide website designers with the ability to quickly and easily add the code behind the button.

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