Web Site Color Schemes

Written by Kimberly Clark
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If your website is not appealing to the eye, it will distract your visitors from locating the information they are searching for. In some cases the website color scheme that is selected can be so distracting that it chases visitors away from the site. For this reason, it is highly recommended that website designers give considerable thought to the color schemes that they plan on using on their sites.

A color scheme is a combination of colors that work well together and are pleasing to the eye. If clashing colors are selected for a website, it can leave visitors to the site with a less than favorable impression of it. Plus, it can even cause visitors to question the validity of the content contained on the site.

Appealing to Whom?

There have been all sorts of studies conducted on what colors are considered most appealing to the eye. However, the only conclusive finding is that the optimal color scheme depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your site. Therefore, the best colors to use for your site will depend heavily on who is expected to visit the site.

Another thing to consider when selecting a color scheme for a website, is existing constraints such as the organization's logo. There are several products available to assist website designers in matching existing colors. These tools can also be used in developing appealing web site color schemes from scratch.

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