Web Site Drop Down Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Drop down menus are also frequently referred to as pull-down menus. Developers typically insert these types of menus in their websites to assist their users in quickly locating information on their sites. Website drop down menus can also be configured to perform common functions within a web-based application. However creating website drop down menus is not as easy as it seems.

Creating Website Drop Down Menus

First of all, creating website drop down menus involves some understanding of forms and frames. It also typically involves writing some code in HTML or JavaScript in order to link the user to some other web page on the site. Because the code they created could behave differently when run in different environments, the website designer needs to be rather familiar with different types of web browsers.

After they have created their drop down menus, the developer then needs to test the functionality of the menu with the latest version of each of the more popular web browsers. This involves having a copy of each of the following:
1. Internet Explorer
2. Netscape
3. Opera
4. Safari
5. Konqueror
Of course a simpler solution would be to purchase a web menu developing tool that can take care of all of these steps for the website designer.

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