Web Site Makers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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There are many kinds of web site makers on the market. Some are simple software interfaces that are free in exchange for allowing other people's advertising on your web site. Other web site makers are free, but are part of a web hosting package, meaning, you pay a service company for the space you need for your web site.

For professional web site makers, there are high-end, expensive packages. For the rest of us, there are simple, but powerful web site makers that help us make a great-looking, informative site in minutes. If you know how to work your computer and your mouse, and you have an Internet connection, these easy programs cut right to the chase, allowing you to build your own web site in just a few minutes.

Not All Are Equal

Okay, there are lots of web site creators. How to choose the best one for you? Compare ease of use, and number of pages you are allowed.

The biggest area to explore is features. Is there an image library you can use to spruce up your site? Does the program allow you to easily add images? How many can you insert into your text? Message boards are very popular; they let your customers or club members communicate with each other and with you, and you might consider incorporating these into your site.

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