Web Site Navigation Menus

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The most popular method for navigating a website is, without a doubt, a menu bar. Menu bars typically appear at the top, bottom or left-hand side of a website. Several different options are listed on the menu bar and selecting one generally takes the user to another page on the site.

Drop Down Menu

However, menu bars are not the only kind of website navigation menus. As a matter of fact, clicking on an item that appears on a menu bar sometimes reveals another set of locations that users can visit or a series of functions they can perform. When a menu bar is configured in this manner, the list of choices is referred to as a drop down menu.

Tree Menu

A tree menu is another technique for navigating websites. Tree menus are typically arranged in a vertical format with primary categories listed one on top of the other. If a category has a plus (+) symbol displayed next to it, this indicates to the user that it can be clicked on or expanded to reveal additional functionality.

Pop-Up Menu

Pop-up menus are yet another popular means for locating information on a website. Pop-up menus are generally displayed to the user when he or she selects a particular item with the mouse and then clicks on it. For the most part, the options that appear on the pop-up menu are relevant to the item that was selected.

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