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Written by Linda Alexander
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Choosing a website developer is one of the most significant decisions you will make when getting your company online. Developing an effective web presence that reaches your company's objectives takes time, patience, and skill. Some developers offer pre-made packages that have fixed rates, while others will quote a price based on your specific needs. As always, it is best to find someone based on referrals from friends or colleagues.

How to Hire a Website Developer

Hiring the right website developer can make all the difference in your online marketing. You are about to invest a lot of money in marketing your business online, so why not do it right? Go with someone who has experience, a company or individual with good graphic design skills as well as technical knowledge. However, if all they use too much jargon or don't take the time to explain things to you in simple language, run the other way.

Before you begin marketing online, make sure you have an established budget. Once you get a quote from your chosen website developer, you will have a better idea of how much it will take to build the site. Remember to include ongoing fees, like hosting, updating, and domain registration and renewal.

Hopefully, you will have a long, healthy relationship between your company and your web developer. But just to be sure, if you are hosting with them, make sure you own your site and that it will still function if you move it to another host. It doesn't hurt to plan for a rainy day, especially with something as important as your website.

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