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The importance of enhancing a website's presence on the Internet has spawned a massive industry of optimization and submission companies that promise to deliver more and better consumer traffic. There are now countless services from which to choose, including web-based and software automation services and professional agencies that use manual submission. Each submission service will vary in the search engines included, rates, and other additional promotional services provided.

Website Promotion

Many website submission services now perform multiple functions for individuals and small businesses that seek to boost the visibility of their websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are often necessary prerequisites to submission. They typically involve some level of analysis of a website's design and content, including keyword usage and ease of navigation, as well as an examination of key competitors' websites.

When it comes time to formally submit a website for consideration to the most desirable engines, individuals and businesses have the option of direct manual submission or automated submission to multiple engines at once. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best method or combination of methods will depend heavily on the website, including number of pages, available budget, and type of product or service offered. For example, a specialized or hard-to-find product with few competitors may require fewer submissions than a product in a highly crowded market.

Since some engines discourage or do not allow automated submission, manual submission is ideal to ensure that all forms are properly filled out according to the specifications of each individual engine. However, this requires much time and patience, especially for larger sites with many pages. Some webmasters and business owners prefer the convenience of a one-form submission to hundreds of engines.

Automated Submission Packages

Some automated services are free and include submission to many of the most popular search engines. These can be handy for those on a budget, but should be carefully weighed against what are often more reliable methods for submission. A paid service can usually provide a guarantee of listing within or certain amount of time or money back, and many will promise to resubmit your site until listing is achieved.

Additionally, paid services often bring more tools to the table when it comes to submission, like a more comprehensive way for clients to keep track of which listings have been confirmed, which are pending, and the like. They often post rankings on a website so that clients have access to updated figures round the clock. They can also offer extra services like automatic resubmission when a website is dropped, as well as analysis tools like link popularity and keywords tracking.

Each search engine maintains it's own unique guidelines when deciding which sites will make the list. A website submission service should be able to effectively request official recognition from each one without violating it's rules for proper submission. Many bulk submission services do not individually consider the proper procedures required by stricter search engines, and submission may be interpreted as spam and denied listing.

Experts suggest that search engines provide the vast majority of consumer traffic for commercial websites. Bulk submission providers, whether they are software programs or web-based services, have responded to stringent guidelines by developing more advanced submission tools. Many small businesses benefit from these services, which streamline the process of getting listed and getting noticed.

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