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Written by Linda Alexander
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Using a website template to build a site with is a great way to get a professional-looking site finished quickly. You can create a template yourself if you know HTML and have some design skills. Or, you can use a pre-made template from one of the many sites that offer them. Some of them are even free, but you will likely have to have a "designed by" link on your site to give credit to the designer.

If you like the idea of using a website template, but don't want a design that hundreds of other sites have already used, you can have a professional web designer make a custom template for you. They will use colors and graphics that you choose, and gear it toward your industry. Then you just it in with your own text and photos.

Website Template Advantages: Try Before You Buy

Another advantage to using a website template is that it allows you to see the design before you purchase it. When you hire a web designer, you don't always know what you are getting. And if you don't like the design they invent, chances are it will be costly to change it. But with a template, the design is already done, and all you have to do is customize the look with your company's logo and content.

When you buy a template, you are usually buying it directly from a graphic designer, rather than a middleman. So you are not only supporting small businesses, but you are also saving money! With a template, you will have a professionally designed site that you can "try before you buy," and purchase it at a fraction of the cost of building a site from scratch.

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