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Written by Linda Alexander
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If you surf the web for resources, you will see that there are many website tools that help you design, upload, and promote your website. The good news is, many of them are free to use. Whether you need a little help or a lot, a quick search brings thousands of choices of online tools to use.

Some website tools help you create a website from scratch, without knowing HTML. Many hosting providers offer these tools to their customers, for a fixed monthly price. There are also tools that allow you to check to see that your HTML is correct and that it can be viewed in different browsers. There are even tools that let you add features to your site, like calendars, news, and stock prices.

Useful Website Tools

The best website tools are the ones that fill your needs. It's tempting to add all kinds of junk to your website, but always keep your visitors in mind. If you think they would benefit from something, then add it. Otherwise, consider it clutter and stick with what you know they will like.

Other tools help you get your website listed in search engines. This is important because if people don't know your site is there, they won't know to visit it. So be sure that your site is optimized for the search engines and that it contains information that people need. You can also advertise your site to generate more publicity and get visitors to the site.

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