Wysiwyg Software

Written by Linda Alexander
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Using wysiwyg software to design your websites is sort of like using a calculator to do math: you still need to know how to do it, but the tool makes it easier. Wysiwyg editors are great for beginners who don't know HTML code. They also help advanced web designers view their sites as they are designing them.

Wysiwyg Software and HTML Codes

However, you shouldn't stop learning just because you use wysiwyg software to author web pages. It helps to understand HTML so you can tweak a site as you need to once it is finished. Also, many editors add their own specific tags in, making file sizes larger. Some of these are comment tags, taking up space. Others are illegal HTML tags that confuse browsers.

If you choose to use wysiwyg software, be sure to use a quality HTML validator to check your work when finished. That way you can clean up any open or misplaced tags the software might have left in your pages. As software gets better, its capabilities increase. Most programs now have a way to view the text as well as the wysiwyg code.

No matter what software you use to author your pages, remember to be flexible and open minded. New tools are always being developed that are better than older ones, so don't get locked into using one editor. Plus, you don't want to be stuck with a site that you can only update using the same program.

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