Affordable Web Hosting In Canada

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Whether you're looking for affordable web hosting in Canada or anywhere else in the world there are some issues you need to consider before you commit yourself. The least expensive web hosting is quite simply not always the most affordable. We're all looking for ways to save money on business and personal expenses, but consider the following.

Check Your Web Host's Reliability

A website that has a lot of down-time, in plain language, is a financial burden. The important thing about a website is that it should do its job. It should always (or as much of the time as possible) be accessible to visitors. It should give them pertinent information quickly and easily, and it should point the way to more in-depth information for those who want it. Any website that is not easy to navigate will be abandoned in favor of something more user friendly. The key, however, is availability. This is the responsibility of the web host; the rest is up to you.

Some web hosting plans may be a little more expensive, but they'll give you more in terms of up-time and facilities. Compare features offered by the various Canadian hosting firms closely. Reliability should be your number one consideration. There are other considerations too, such as how many pages can you have to your website before you have to pay for more space? By the same token, how many visitors can you have before you have to pay for more bandwidth or data transfer?

Calculating Value

The cold, hard money calculation is not always the best indication of the kind of value you're getting with a web hosting deal. Very often the difference between a great web host and a really terrible one is less than $10.00 a month, so it really pays to look closely at your proposed web host before you commit. Take a look at what's on offer so that you can decide what you might need. This should include an assessment of what competitors' websites have on offer too.

Do they offer forum facilities? Website forums are becoming a valuable sales tool and way of building a relationship with customers. Do they offer a shopping cart, so that you can consolidate your online business? Make sure your web host can offer you everything you might need, now or in the future, at a reasonable price, so that you can have a first class online business presence.

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