Apache Web Server Hosting

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Using Apache Web Server Hosting

Apache is the most popular and powerful web server software available today. It offers flexibility and superior performance. There are many features of Apache web server hosting that can benefit your business.

Some performance enhancements of the Apache web server hosting include more efficient handling of HTTP requests, improved protection against process loading, and better error recovery. These improvements have decreased CPU load balances up to three times on many of the private servers. This gives you better performance on your server.

Features Of Apache

Apache web server hosting offers expertise and digital service. Apache hosting providers generally are located in places where high bandwidth internet connections are readily available and redundant. This will provide you with better service and reliable hosting.

Virtual hosting offers the appearance of a company's own server while actually sharing the hardware space on a single server. Hosting companies provide this service by maintaining a large server upon which they maintain a number of virtual web hosts. Visitors to the site enter through the domain name, which is hosted by Apache web server hosting, and therefore cannot recognize that another company's server, in fact, hosts the site.

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