Business Web Hosting In Canada

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There was a time, not so very long ago, when the price you'd pay for hosting a home page or personal website would have been a lot less than the cost of launching a business website. This is not so anymore. Business web hosting in Canada has become as inexpensive as elsewhere. Prices have gone down, while service has improved over the past few years.

In theory, it is even possible to launch a business website through one of the free website hosting companies. In fact, some people are doing exactly that. This is a terrible way to run a business online, however. To begin with, free websites host advertising for other companies on their pages. Ads that appear could even be for competitors. Using a free website would give a really cheap and unprofessional impression to visitors and potential customers.

For a very small amount, any company can launch a professional-looking business website sufficient for their needs. Some businesses will find that only half a dozen pages are necessary. Others may need to publish a website with many pages in order to adequately showcase their business. Still others may find that one, or a series, of mini sites of only one page will do the job. Mini sites are largely used by businesses that operate solely on the Internet.

Creating a Successful Business Website

The kind of facilities you'll be looking for in business website hosting include statistics, so that you can check your traffic, online purchasing facilities and an easy-to-use interface so that you can make changes to your website and add pages whenever you need to. You'll also need adequate email facilities. Think about how many different email addresses you may need to operate your business online, and then see how many your host offers before you have to pay for more. Other features that you may need to add to your business website include password protected areas, and other ecommerce tools. Ask your prospective provider what they can offer the business website owner.

If you are a total novice at building a website, see if your host offers any website building and design services. Many of them offer an adequate service at far less than you can find from separate design companies. You need features that will enable you to build a successful business website.

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