Canada Web Hosting Resellers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Reselling web hosting is a nice sideline for some people. Those interested in such a prospect will already be in business on the Internet. Some people actually make a very nice living with affiliate programs, where they simply sell other people's goods for them. This is a good way to learn about business online, and many successful online businesses started out this way.

Nearly all companies that use affiliate programs to sell their goods give good advice and support to their resellers. Some of these guidelines for resellers can amount to quite an initiation into doing business on the Web. You need to consider the terms offered by your web hosting company before you agree to be a reseller though.

Reselling Web Hosting Successfully

Although it's true that in an ideal situation you don't need to actually do anything to get sales, reselling web hosting will only work for you if the company is willing to give a respectable commission on each website sold. Mere pennies will not do. Anyone interested in affiliate programs for reselling web hosting should be realistic. It is highly unlikely that anyone is going to sell thousands, or even hundreds of websites in a week. To make it worth your while you will need to make a basic minimum from your reselling.

If you want to actually make a living with affiliate programs, rather than just supplementing your income, you need to be involved in many programs. Since you cannot sell from companies who are competing with each other, you can only really be involved with reselling for one web hosting company. Perhaps you can arrange it so that the other programs you get involved in are complementary to selling websites. Website design, for example, or selling ecommerce facilities for online businesses are good choices. There are many possibilities that if chosen well, could provide you with a good income on a monthly basis.

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