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Cold Fusion Hosting

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A website requires hosting, but it can be hosted on a shared server or a dedicated server, depending on the needs of the client. Many of the quality host providers have traditionally offered either Windows and/or Unix servers, with Unix being somewhat less susceptible to virus attacks. In addition, many hosts now specialize in plans that are targeted at Macromedia ColdFusion developers.

Regardless of the server that would host their websites, developers first created them using only various HTML editors including text editors like Microsoft Notepad, or WYSIWYG editors like Adobe PageMill or Microsoft FrontPage. A basic website is still built this way. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is not always true in real world design, but working with it is extremely useful and productive. Switching tabs on the page being designed allows a preview of how the code will display, although additional tweaking is often needed or desired in HTML view. Next, the capability of adding straightforward scripts was introduced.

While all this had been going on, a company called Allaire had released in 1995 an application called ColdFusion 1.0. It was the beginning of database connectivity, and enabled greater interactivity than what the fairly simple CGI scripts had been able to provide. Among the improvements in version 1.5 was email integration, something that is taken for granted today on websites.

Macromedia Acquires Allaire

ColdFusion 2.0 had an enormous number of new features, and from there, the product's selling points increased rapidly. As a server scripting language, ColdFusion runs on the web server, not the web browser. ColdFusion runs on Linux, Solaris and Windows servers, with certain editions of ColdFusion MX also able to work with Mac OS X using JRun.

In 1997, Macromedia introduced Dreamweaver, which was aimed at professional web developers. Again it combined the control of HTML code with WYSIWYG. Since so many web developers still use it today to create web templates, it tends to be dominant in the market.

In 2001 Macromedia and Allaire merged, with Macromedia acquiring Allaire in the $360 million dollar transaction. The merger made web development more affordable and efficient. The combined technologies of the two companies have given them a giant share of building the e-commerce market for business customers.

Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Web hosts of all sizes have sprung up, making the field extremely competitive. Some serve a limited local area or their own customers, while others are regional, national or greater in scope. Top-rated hosts tend to have thousands--if not hundreds of thousands--of satisfied customers. They serve small-to-medium size businesses as well as large corporations. Any of their customers may require a dedicated, rather than shared, server.

Web hosting, however, is often on a shared server basis. The best hosts have strict security controls in place, as well as redundant servers. This makes downtime almost non-existent, except when preventive maintenance is being conducted, or new servers installed. A host's uptime reputation is critical to anyone seeking its services. Dedicated hosting, particularly needed by ColdFusion developers, generally gives the customer complete administrator control over the server to configure any aspect.

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