Dedicated Web Host

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The Purpose Of A Dedicated Web Host

A dedicated web host is used for sites requiring more power than what normal hosting can provide. A dedicated web host is a computer that is set up by the service provider that is used solely for your website. It is not used or shared with any other clients, it is completely for use only by you.

The maintenance of your site is negotiated between you and the service provider. They may provide technical services, such as script writing, email maintenance, or file backup. Generally, a contract is created specifying the service you will receive and the fee, if any, that are involved.

Web Hosting Choices

Having a dedicated web host is completely different from normal virtual hosting. The server is fully yours, and you can use the entire hard disk and all the bandwidth that you want. There is no longer any CPU usage restriction, you can use up to 100% CPU utilization. Another benefit is that you no longer have to worry about paying hosting fees for each site.

With a dedicated web host, you can put all your sites on one server. Although, there are responsibilities to adhere to with your own server. You must make sure your server is always up to date, if not applied to your server you could let a hacker gain inner access to your server.

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