Ecommerce Web Site Hosting

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Ecommerce web site hosting is different than the basic personal web site hosting package in size, features, and price. Basic hosting plans are geared to very small businesses or personal web sites. They're the cheapest in price; however, this is because they offer the least amount of disk space and monthly transfer allotments. In other words, there's a limit to what you can do with basic plans.

For example, a basic hosting plan may offer 200 megabytes of disk space and six gigabytes of transfer. If you run an Ecommerce site, however, you will quickly exceed these allotments. Thus, ecommerce web site hosting plans typically offer at least 600 MB of disk space and 10 GB of transfer, and often times more.

Choosing Ecommerce Web Site Hosting

Besides size, other essential features of ecommerce hosting plans include email services, statistics counters, MySQL databases, and ASP modules. ASP modules are interactive features such as chat rooms, video conferencing, online surveys, news groups, and shopping carts. These features are indispensable to any serious ecommerce web site, as they allow for complex functions with minimal administration.

An ecommerce business should always choose a hosting package that it will not outgrow. This means both generous initial allotments of disk and transfer space, plus the option to quickly and easily upgrade to a larger plan at any time. Increased sales and continued growth is the goal of any business. This goal should be reflected in the packages offered by ecommerce web site hosting providers.

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