Free Domain Web Hosting

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Registering For Free Domain Web Hosting

Free domain web hosting basically means that you when register for web hosting, you'll get your domain name free! Your domain name is the primary domain name associated with your active account. As long as your account meets all the conditions described with the web host, you won't have to pay a dime for the domain name.

Your domain name is the name of your web site. The web host will usually register your domain with the domain name registration services. Although, you are free to register your domain name with any registrar you choose. Free domain web hosting is good for those just starting out that have less knowledge regarding web hosting and domain names.

Hosting Commitments

There are a few conditions that may apply to your free domain web hosting account. Some web hosting companies may ask that you keep your account in good standing for three months in order to receive the free domain web hosting. Others may give you a limited time offer, for a year or so.

If you're domain name has already been established or registered with another domain name agency, you can still take advantage of the free domain web hosting. Many web hosting companies will allow you to transfer your domain name at no extra charge. Your web hosting company will help you get your domain up and running in no time.

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