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Written by Dallas Smith
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FREE Miva: Your Instant Virtual Storefront

If you are interested in building an e-commerce operation and are looking for a great tool for creating that operation from the ground up, a FREE Miva account could be just what you need. Incidentally, you can get a FREE Miva account with many popular web hosting services as a way to jumpstart your e-commerce operation. Miva is widely recognized as a great e-commerce solution, so if you don't already have a preferred solution, taking advantage of this software is a smart move.

With a web hosting provider, you'll be able to take advantage of all the capabilities Miva has to offer, and all without having to maintain your own servers. If time, space, or financial constraints prevent you from handling server administration yourself, taking advantage of a hosting provider is your best bet. With a hosting provider partnered with Miva, you can expect to experience the best features that both services have to offer.

Ensuring Reliability and Security

The two most important aspects of any hosting provider are the reliability and security they can offer for your vital online data. When you're running an e-commerce application, these characteristics become even more important. Take the time to identify a provider who demonstrates a proven commitment to both maintaining your servers at a high level of integrity, and who can guarantee the security of your critical company information.

With a hosting provider that can pair exceptional integrity in server maintenance with a Miva partnership, you'll have a winning combination that is guaranteed to give your e-commerce operation a solid foundation. Such solutions are readily available, and with a little research, you're sure to find the one that's right for your business. You'll soon be enjoying all the assets that Miva Merchant can bring to your e-business in an always-online, always-secure server environment.

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