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Why Host Your Own Website?

When you host your own website, there are many responsibilities that go along with it. Most importantly is that you make sure your server is always up to date. There are new updates constantly being released, they must be applied to your server or you will allow room for unwanted visitors to view your data information.

Because management can be difficult, there are usually two types of ways to host your own website, managed and unmanaged. With an unmanaged server, your host will not help you maintain the server. With a managed server, your host will assist you in the maintenance and upkeep of your server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers, which means the service provider will setup a computer solely for your website, is for sites that need more power than what a normal host can provide. They come as either plain installations or with a control panel. The control panel lets you easily modify and control most server features from a web page.

When you host your own website, you no longer have to worry about sharing the hard disk, and there is no CPU usage restriction. This is also beneficial for security purposes, so that no one can gain access to the information stored on the server. You can also backup your files on a daily basis.

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