Microsoft Web Hosting

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Microsoft web hosting is the standard for any business, large or small. The reason is quite simple: Microsoft hosting ensures consistency in support for all Microsoft-based applications. This includes updates, add-ins, and technical support based on extensive knowledge of Microsoft applications. If you want the most compatible, efficient, and user-friendly hosting platform, Microsoft web hosting is the obvious choice.

Older web hosting platforms such as Unix and Linux have been historically popular alternatives. However, as time goes on, these platforms continue to decrease in popularity due to their lack of compatibility with Microsoft programming. As Microsoft is the standard in business applications, it only makes sense to go with hosting platforms that guarantee ease of use with Microsoft programs, including updates.

Economical Microsoft Web Hosting

Microsoft web hosting is also the better value, dollars and cents-wise. On the average, Unix and Linux hosting cost five to twenty percent more than Microsoft hosting. Microsoft hosting plans not only offer substantial savings, but often throw in little "extras" like tutorials, added email accounts, and helpful web tools. Moreover, Microsoft hosting plans often include essential web-building software, such as the perennially popular Microsoft FrontPage, ASP, or ASP.NET.

One way to save even more money on Microsoft hosting is to go with a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans use one giant super-server to house many client accounts, passing the savings along to you. Another way to save even more money is to pay for your hosting plan yearly, rather than monthly. However, make sure that the plan you choose can be easily upgraded should you need more space and features.

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