Php Web Hosting

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Understanding PHP Web Hosting

PHP is an open-source programming language that is centrally maintained and distributed by a team and many contributing developers. PHP is easy to integrate into an HTML document because it was designed to be a programming language. PHP web hosting basically acts as a module for a web server.

PHP is a computer programming language which was developed specifically for web development and web hosting. A programming language is a series of of instructions read by a computer. The computer interprets the instructions into "code" and then performs the actions specified by the programmer.

Using PHP

PHP web hosting is one of the hottest trends to be found on the internet today. It offers a great many capabilities to the web programmer. Many tasks which are accomplished with a degree of difficulty in other languages, are easily executed with just a few lines of PHP.

PHP web hosting's strongest feature is its database interfacing capability. Connecting a database to the internet has never been easier with PHP. It also supports many of the most popular database servers on the market.

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