Picking A Web Site Host

Written by Amy Hall
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The best thing to keep in mind when picking a website host is how long they have been in the web hosting business, and if they have a good reputation. Speed is also an important factor as you want a web hosting service that has at least a T3 line, which carries data at 45 MB per second. They should also have a replacement server in case of a server crash and daily back up on their server.

Hosting Prices

Price plays a big role in choosing a web hosting company. The more services a company requires, the more it will cost. You will also pay more for a well known web hosting service.

Fast and Reliable Support

When picking a website host, you must make sure they offer reliable support. If something goes critically wrong with a website, the customer cannot be sitting around for days waiting to get their problems solved. This can be critical to your business, especially if it's a retail website.

Reliable support is also crucial. The most common complaint people have with their web host is that while they may get their support questions answered, but their host has not fixed the problem properly. The support staff needs to have good communication skills. This is important to keep in mind while picking a website host.

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