Reseller Hosting

Written by Amy Hall
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Today the web hosting market is the fastest growing Internet sector in the world. It is estimated that web hosting revenues will reach 19.8 billion dollars by 2004, which is up 1.4 billion dollars since 1999. Now is the time to venture into reseller hosting, as the potential for income is at an all-time high.

Basically, reseller hosting is renting out space from a host, and then turning around and renting out that same space to your customers for a higher fee. Reseller hosting is an asset for any company that wishes to host multiple domains. It is also for those who wish to host sites at higher rates.

Why Resell?

Some companies become involved in reseller hosting because it allows them to provide customized services to its customers while charging higher fees. When one resells web hosting services, one buys discounted services from a web hosting company, then resells them at a profit. Typically, a reseller adds some value to the hosting services, thereby providing incentive to clients, to buy services from him rather than directly (and more cheaply) from the primary hosting company.

Such services include web design, maintenance, improved tech support, and domain name registration. It really boils down to which services you want, and how streamlined you want your business dealings to be. Reselling is a new way to become involved with ecommerce web hosting, as well as many other types of hosting.

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