Server Monitoring

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Whenever a great deal of your business is coming from an internet connection or website, or even from a database, it is absolutely critical that the information is available 24/7. Of course, you cannot keep so close of a watch on it. Using this thinking, many businesses have developed programs that will monitor your server for you. These can provide detailed reports and analysis of your system as well as a backup server in cases of emergency.

Server Systems

Because of the importance of computer connections to many business owners, there has been a rise in companies that keep watch on business servers. Each company varies somewhat in the types of features it offers, and all can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Generally, the following are the most common features of these systems.

Server monitoring provides security tests, vulnerability tests, and security seals on business sites. Many also will send e-mail alerts within 15 minutes of a server collapsing, allowing for a fast response to any emergency. When these fail, some companies provide backup systems to get things up and running, and non-threatening tests to increase your computer skills. Some test server capabilities around the globe, alerting you if a connection on the other side of the world is not able to log on to your website.

Whatever type of business you own, server monitoring may be a good choice when every minute and day lost can equal untold thousands of dollars. With some careful shopping and close attention, this system ensures more accurate results for your business. And with detailed reports showing when and what problems occur, there may be even more information to learn and evolve from.

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