Small Business Web Hosting Services

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Small business web hosting services are quite inexpensive these days. You can see monthly fees for small plans for less than ten dollars a month. Paid in yearly installments instead of monthly, and the costs drop even more. But are these plans good? It all depends on where you shop for small business web hosting services, and what you need out of your plan.

One mistake many businesses make is purchasing hosting plans that are inappropriate for their needs. For example, a small, starter business usually doesn't need a premium hosting package meant for larger businesses. This plan may be chock full of features that aren't needed, consuming more money than necessary.

Thoughts on Small Business Web Hosting Services

The better option for a small business is to start with a basic or medium-sized "enterprise" plan. Then, as the business grows, it can easily upgrade in disk space, bandwidth traffic, and features. Of course, you don't want to start too small; keep in mind that, as a rule, your web traffic will keep growing as long as you maintain a dynamic, engaging and professional web presence.

Recommended small business web hosting services are compatible with Microsoft applications such as FrontPage designing software, ASP, MySQL, and Access. Even if your business doesn't use all of these applications, it may some day in the future. These applications keep your web site live and interactive for visitors. Look for hosting services that are specially certified by Microsoft, as well as other industry leaders, as assurance of their overall quality.

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