Unix Hosting

Written by Amy Hall
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When you are planning an internet venture, one of the most basic questions for any Webmaster is what platform to base the website on. The two most popular platforms are UNIX and NT. They are both widely available and offer various options and have differing abilities.

Your choice of platform will define the utility and type of software that you can use, the kind of applications that you site can run, what kind of server can host your site, the amount of control you have over your website, and how efficiently your site will work as it grows. When deciding if UNIX hosting is an option, it is important to keep in mind what web hosting company will host your site. Established web hosts offer service on both platforms, while others offer only UNIX or only NT; the difference boils down to technical support.

Is UNIX Hosting for You?

UNIX hosting has been around for the last twenty years, and as such is a mature platform. This means that UNIX is a system that is well-developed and stable, and there is a great deal of software and applications designed for it. UNIX was designed to integrate with large network systems, which means that it is not always the most user-friendly.

If you are looking for a system that meshes easily with the Windows environment, UNIX may not be the best choice. However, if ecommerce web hosting and other large web hosting services are what you are after, it may fit in perfectly with your plans. UNIX is a complex administration that offers great web hosting services with outstanding technical support.

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