Web Host With Cgi

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Discovering Web Host With CGI

If you're planning on building a dynamic, interactive web site, one of the first features to consider is your prospective host's CGI capabilities. CGI, which stands for Common Gateway Interface, refers to an established standard of communication between a web server's operating system and the computer languages used for scripting. Virtually all commercial hosts support CGI scripts.

A web host with CGI permits interactivity between a client through the internet. It is a standard for external gateway programs to interface with information servers, such as web servers. A CGI program is executed in real time so that it can output dynamic information.

Gateways Of CGI

Gateways are programs which handle information requests and return the appropriate document or generate a document on the fly. A web host with CGI offers servers that can serve information which is not in a form readable by the client and acts as a mediator between the two to produce something which clients can use. Gateway programs have been made executable programs in order to allow them to run under various information servers interchangably.

Most CGI scripts, or files, are stored with web hosts on their servers using the universal.cgi file extension. Most web hosts with CGI will also allow you to execute scripts from anywhere on the server. While this may be more convenient, it can lead to security issues, especially if you are working with credit card information.

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