Web Host Raw Log Files

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Obtaining Web Host Raw Log Files

Web host raw log files are simple text files that are automatically generated every time someone accesses your website. Every hit to your website, including each view of a HTML document, image, or any object is logged. The raw log file format is one line of text for each hit to your site.

These web host raw log files contains information about who was visiting your site, where they came from, and exactly what they were doing on your site. Log files can get huge very quickly. They can take up an enormous amount of expensive hard drive space at your hosting service.

Stats For Your Site

Web host raw log files offer decent stats for your site. You will want to be careful about keeping your log files organized. It is a major inconvenience, but worth it. Any gap in your data can screw up your reports, and once they're lost, they're gone forever.

To get the most out of your data you need to be able to see totals for the whole site and compare figures over a period of time. Results are presented in plain text format when you choose a web hosting stat package that will review the information. There is a wealth of data in the log files and it is not readily mined with the naked eye.

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