Web Hosting Uptime

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Getting The Most Web Hosting Uptime

Web hosting uptime is the percentage of time that a web site is working. If your host has an uptime average of 99.86%, this means your site will be down for a total of 1 hour each month. Some hosts guarantee their uptime, which is not always as stable as it sounds.

Web hosting uptime is crucial to companies because if they are offline more than online, it means less business. Uptime is determined by the hosts' servers and how dependable they are. Certain circumstances cannot control a web hosts' uptime such as; traffic conditions on the internet, ISP problems, browser caching, or an outage from an outside network.

Conditions Of Web Hosting

Sometimes systems and servers must be brought down for maintenance and upgrades to ensure your site will perform optimally. Web hosting companies keep such interruptions at a minimum to keep your web hosting uptime at a high. They will most likely give you advance notice of any maintenance that needs to be done.

When web hosting uptime is interrupted, for any unscheduled downtime, web hosts may provide a credit in the amount of one day for every hour that your site was down. Downtime would have to be confirmed by a staff member in the support system. You would probably rather have your site up and running, although a credit confirms your host will do their best to keep your uptime.

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